Adult travelers

Our tours are designed with students in mind—from the affordable prices to the active itineraries that maximize educational value. We want to ensure that adults traveling with us have an amazing time, too. In addition to reading through our Help Center's collection of Preparing to Travel and What to Expect on Tour articles, there are a few things for our adult travelers to keep in mind:

Group travel
Unless you are traveling as a private group, you’ll be traveling on a shared tour experience with students and adults from other schools. When traveling as a group, staying flexible and having a positive attitude can make a huge difference. Your positivity can be contagious—especially for students. And since you’re traveling as a group and not on your own, it’s important to be punctual. If one person is late, it can cause the whole group to miss a scheduled activity.

Our student tours are an introduction to travel and are intended to give young people the confidence to see the world. We design our itineraries to get the most out of each destination, so our Tour Directors and licensed guides focus on showing students iconic sites with the best educational value. While some itineraries have scheduled free time, it's usually limited and travelers must participate in all scheduled activities.

You will typically be on the go all day, leaving your hotel after an early breakfast and often returning after dinner and an evening activity. Your day will often be fast-paced and include a lot of walking, so be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes. There may not be a lot of time to shop, and some lunches may be quick so that students get to see as much as possible..

You will stay in safe, clean and comfortable hotels. As an adult, you’ll be assigned to a room with two beds. Speak with your Group Leader about designating a roommate. If you do not choose a roommate, you will be assigned to room with another adult of the same gender—either from your group or from one of the other groups you’re traveling with. Read more about rooms and roommates.

Breakfast typically includes a continental buffet with at least two hot items. Lunch is your chance to make local culinary discoveries of your own. Everyone will have the same meal options at dinner, which will be a mix of dishes that appeal to younger travelers’ preferred tastes. Please notify your Group Leader if you have other dietary restrictions and we will do our best to accommodate them. Read more about meals.

If your Group Leader designates you as a chaperone on this tour, you may be responsible for a smaller group, which includes ensuring their attendance at all tour activities, managing the travelers’ behavior and doing room checks. Your Group Leader will discuss these and other responsibilities with you before tour.