The Tour Director's role

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Keeping students engaged and excited on tour is easy with your 24/7 Tour Director. They manage all on-tour logistics—from hotel check-ins to confirming reservations—while providing insightful local commentary.

The Tour Director is responsible for:

Tour coordination
The Tour Director coordinates every travel detail on tour, including bus transportation, hotels and accommodations, meals and scheduled activities on tour.

Local knowledge
Once you arrive on tour, the Tour Director will introduce the group to the city and offer unique insights about the local culture and history. Travelers can turn to their Tour Director for any questions about the destination—even for something as simple as restaurant suggestions for lunch.

24-hour support for travelers
The Tour Director supports you every day of your tour, even staying at your hotel with you overnight.

On-tour emergencies
Tour Directors are trained to handle any emergencies that might arise. Tour Directors, all of whom have passed a background check and screening process, have 24-hour access to local EF offices such as our Washington, D.C., office and our Boston headquarters.

Tour Directors typically reach out to their groups via email or phone a few days before departure to introduce themselves and discuss any important details.