Rooms & roommates

All hotels that work with EF are required to meet rigorous standards for quality, safety and cleanliness, so you can count on safe, clean and comfortable rooms.

Student rooms

Students (aged 19 and younger) are automatically placed in rooms of three to four people of the same gender. Rooms contain double beds (beds meant for two people), and two students are expected to share each bed. Group Leaders will assign roommates three months prior to departure.

Students may upgrade their room type to a Twin room for an additional cost.

Adult rooms 

Adults (aged 20 and older) are automatically placed in Twin rooms with one other adult of the same gender. Adults will be assigned a roommate from their own group. Adults who wish to request a specific roommate may do so with their Group Leader. 

Adults may upgrade to a Single room for an additional cost. Families of three who wish to room together on tour may request a Family room. 

Upgrade requests 

Any traveler who wishes to change their room type should submit this request to both EF Explore America's Traveler Support Team at 888-333-9756 and their Group Leader no later than four months before departure. 

Room assignments

It is the Group Leader's responsibility to submit room assignments using our Rooming Forms. Assignments for travelers who have upgraded are due at 110 days before departure, and assignments for the rest of the group are due at 90 days before departure. Their Tour Consultant will contact them in advance with more information and instructions. 

Room types 

Student rooms: Four student travelers in two double beds 

Twin rooms: Two beds for two people (students may pay to upgrade) 

Single rooms: A room for one person (adults may pay to upgrade)