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Social Studies & American History Tours

Understanding the world is about more than memorizing names and dates from a textbook. Our Social Studies & American History tours bring your students into rooms where key political, social, and cultural movements have taken place. And between these time-bending experiences, your students will walk down streets where history is still being made every day.

Washington, D.C.: The Capital Tour Visit the Smithsonian museums, the Washington Monument, and Capitol Hill.
3 or 5 days View tour
Historic Boston Trace revolutionary roots as you explore the Freedom Trail, Beacon Hill, and Faneuil Hall.
4 or 5 days View tour
Washington, D.C. & Williamsburg Trace the course of American history from our nation's capital to Colonial Williamsburg.
5 or 6 days View tour
The Eastern Seaboard Discover American history and culture through Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.
8 or 10 days View tour
Washington, D.C. & Gettysburg Explore sites like the Arlington National Cemetery before standing on the battlefields at Gettysburg
4 or 5 days View tour
Washington, D.C. & New York From the Lincoln Memorial to Times Square, journey through two historic and influential cities.
5 or 6 days View tour
African American History in D.C. & Williamsburg Learn about the important role Black voices have played in shaping our nation today.
5 days View tour
Washington, D.C. & the Civil War Battlefields See firsthand where the battles of Bull Run, Antietam, and Gettysburg were fought.
5 or 7 days View tour
Washington, D.C. & Philadelphia Explore the Smithsonian museums, stroll through Independence Hall, and tour Amish farmlands.
6 days View tour


Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

While in Boston on our Social Studies & American History tours, students feel as though they’re traveling through time to protest the British tea tax. The thoughtful design of the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum contextualizes an iconic moment in U.S. history, giving students a visceral understanding of what it was like to dump tea into the Boston Harbor in 1773. Take in the history alongside a realistic replica of an 18th century sailing vessel, and see how the city has grown around this famous site.

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