What to expect: Flights

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Tour Consultants typically share flight itineraries with their Group Leaders no later than two months prior to tour, and travelers will be able to view their flight itinerary online approximately two weeks prior to departure.

All groups are issued electronic tickets (e-tickets), which means that, travelers 18 or older only need to bring a driver’s license or other government-issued photo ID to the airport for check-in. For all domestic flights (including Puerto Rico), all travelers under the age of 18 at the time of travel require no ID. For tours to Canada, all travelers, regardless of age, will need to bring a passport. Please note that a government-issued Real ID will be required in all states (some states already require this) within the US (including Puerto Rico) for travel effective May 3, 2023. Please review here to learn what qualifies for a Real ID.

Groups should discuss where and when they will meet on the day of the tour’s departure (e.g. at the school or at the airport). Plan to arrive at the airport two hours prior to departure for check-in.

Upon arrival in the first city of the tour, Tour Directors will meet groups at baggage claim. From there groups hit the ground running with Day 1 activities.