Hotels & meals on tour

You'll spend most of your time on tour exploring and learning, but you should also know what to expect when it comes to hotels and meals.


A good night’s sleep is important, so travelers can count on safe, clean, and comfortable hotels.

Students are automatically placed in rooms of four people of the same gender who will share two double beds (beds meant for two people). Please keep in mind that groups may not all be roomed next to each other and may be on different floors. Most hotels are located outside the city center.


Generally, breakfast and dinner are included on tour, with lunch on your own. Please refer to your detailed itinerary for tour-specific information.

Breakfast at your hotel typically includes a continental breakfast with at least two hot items.

Lunch is your chance to make your own culinary choices. Your Tour Director can make recommendations.

Included dinners will be from a set menu of student-friendly options, at restaurants specifically chosen for their ability to work with large groups of students.

Any traveler with dietary restrictions should communicate details to their Group Leader prior to tour; the Group Leader should then alert EF and, when the tour begins, reiterate them with their Tour Director.