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With EF Explore America, students are bound for an incredible experience that will exceed their (and your) expectations. That’s because our compelling itineraries are rooted in human connection—and crafted specifically for you.

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Joining the EF family means you’ll have the support of our community of educators, tour architects, operations wizards, and ever-curious explorers. We’ve experienced the transformative power of travel firsthand—and we can’t wait to explore the opportunities that are out there for you and your students.

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We believe travel is for everyone. When students go beyond the classroom it brings education to life, unlocks new potential, and opens a world of possibilities. That’s why we prioritize safety, value, and the kind of learning that prepares students for the future and their futures.

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For over 55 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to one global mission: Opening the World Through Education.

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Feel the impact of travel (without leaving home)

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Travel has a way of always teaching us something new. When you’re on the road, sure. But even at home, soaking up the stories of others, there’s so much to learn. It’s why the time’s always right to prepare for your next trip or find inspiration for a new adventure.

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EF One on One

Watch conversations between teachers from opposite sides of the educational travel spectrum…

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Virtual resources for exploring the U.S.

Here at EF Explore America, we’re committed to helping you and your students learn new and…

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Life lessons from a WWII veteran to students

Recently, a group of EF Explore America student travelers had the opportunity to speak with a…

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