Special travel plans

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For an individual traveler

Individuals who would like to request a different flight itinerary from the rest of the group must submit a Special Travel Request by four months before departure. (Your Tour Consultant can confirm your tour's exact deadline.) Special travel plans include flying ahead of the group before tour, staying behind after the tour ends, flying into or out of a different domestic gateway or making one's own flight arrangements entirely, and any additional travel costs would be added to each traveler's balance.

Please note that travelers under 18 years old who travel apart from the group without an adult companion must register with the airlines as an unaccompanied minor, and there could be resulting fees from the airline. For any questions about unaccompanied minor policies, you can call Traveler Support at 888-333-9756.

Special Travel Requests cannot be confirmed until the group's tour and dates are confirmed approximately two months before departure. Travelers should not make separate arrangements until they receive this confirmation. Please note that travelers with alternate travel plans are booked on a separate flight itinerary from the group, which means they might fly separately from the group on all legs of their journey.

Travelers can make their request by calling our Traveler Support Team at 888-333-9756.

For full terms, please view our Booking Conditions.

For your entire group

Group Leaders may request special flight and/or land travel arrangements for their entire group. The group may fly before the start of tour or stay behind after the tour ends, and any additional travel costs would be added to each traveler’s balance. Group Leaders should make any group special travel requests with their Tour Consultant before their first enrollment.