Wherever you travel, EF is there

For over 50 years we’ve been committed to the safety of our groups. With a team of more than 52,500 EF personnel around the globe, we have a presence in nearly every destination we travel to—ensuring that we’re there to support you wherever and whenever you need us.

A partner you can count on

Your group’s well-being is our top priority. That’s why we’ll pair you with an experienced Tour Director who supports you 24/7 and knows the ins and outs of every destination on your itinerary. Tour Directors also undergo extensive training to make sure they’re equipped to manage challenging situations, and have a direct line to EF offices, including our North American Headquarters in Boston, and our D.C. office in the Ronald Reagan Building, for added support. To further our commitment to your group’s safety, we provide professional overnight security in the hotel, and perform standard inspections of our suppliers. We also conduct criminal background checks on the Tour Directors and all adult travelers (such as parents and chaperones) that join your group.

And of course, you, your students, their parents and your administrators can reach us 24/7, if anything comes up before or while your group is on tour.

Have questions for a group leader?

One of our most experienced group leaders answers your questions.