Performing arts careers come to life

Our performing arts tours inspire and encourage students to explore the world of artistic expression. From an up-close look at iconic Hollywood studios that have lured millions to LA to acting workshops run by pros who’ve worked up and down Broadway in NYC, students get new perspectives on how to bring their creativity to life.

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Broadway Inbound

Students go beyond a seat in the audience for a Broadway show while in New York City. Broadway Inbound gives burgeoning theater fans hands-on insight into the industry. Through improv workshops and Q&A sessions, they get up close and personal with theater and entertainment professionals. After connecting with experienced actors in New York City, they have a real, tangible grasp of what the career feels like, and might even head home with their sights set on a future in the arts.

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“My daughter had the absolute BEST time on this trip. It was incredibly well organized, and as a result, was packed with exciting events. EF really makes sure to maximize the time and I can’t believe how many attractions she saw in such a short amount of time.”

—Parent, California