Collaborations make our destinations come alive in dynamic, thoughtful ways, connecting students to living history

Darby J., Senior Director of Educational Programming & Partnerships

Travel isn’t just about where students go. It’s about who they meet. Which is why Darby and the team here at EF Explore America are focused on forging and nurturing partnerships that strengthen the impact new experiences have on students. Each new partnership allows us to introduce interactive, unique programming that’s thought-provoking, perspective-building, and exciting for all our travelers.

All partners share our commitment to:

All partners share our commitment to:

collage with statue of liberty and student visiting new york city

United Nations Foundation

Our exclusive partnership with the United Nations Association of the USA has deeply impacted the tour experience. As part of the UN’s It’s a Better World Campaign, which focuses on climate change, poverty, and other sustainable development goals, students think deeply about how we treat the planet, how we treat each other, and how we can strive to improve both. The UN Foundation team and EF Explore America collaborate on itineraries to promote alignment with the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, develop EF-exclusive learning opportunities for teachers and students, and train Tour Directors on global humanitarian issues in order to equip and empower them to facilitate deep and engaging conversations with students on tour.

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students in boston working on robotics


During our STEM Discovery: Boston tour, students have the opportunity to visit MassRobotics, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating the next generation of successful robotics and connected device companies. While there, students can interact with robots, program them to play games and perform sign language, and learn about the varied industries robotics are disrupting through real-world examples.

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Mount Vernon

We partner with Mount Vernon because they share our passion for bringing history to life and helping students form personal connections to history through engaging, hands-on interactions. In addition to exploring the mansion and grounds where George Washington lived, students can also learn about his life—and those of the other people who lived at the estate—through in-depth, expert-led tours and performances by character actors. EF groups can also choose to focus their visit around Mount Vernon’s enslaved community, participating in a tour that dives deeper into their daily lives and experiences. Students also have the opportunity to watch shows performed through the lens of enslaved people such as Christopher Shields, Washington’s valet.

students meeting veterans through ef global partners

Honor Flight Network

The men and women who’ve served their country transform their history into personal connection for students traveling to Washington, D.C. Honor Flight Network is dedicated to transporting America’s veterans to the country’s capital to see the memorials for wars in which they fought. While visiting sites such as the World War II Memorial on the National Mall, students celebrate and applaud servicemen and women flown in from across the country. Then, as veterans take time for introductions and questions, students establish bonds with another generation and gain a new perspective on what they’ve learned in the classroom.

Connecting students to history through intergenerational relationships

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student enjoying food from ef global partners

Turnstile Tours

Students will get a (delicious) taste of New York City’s streets when they embark on one of our partner’s immersive food cart tours. They’ll get to sample foods ranging from Bengali kati rolls and halal chicken and rice to Belgian waffles and Mexican tacos. Plus, they’ll meet working street vendors—the majority of whom are immigrants—learn about their stories, discuss how the vending industry works, and discover how vendors play an essential role in feeding their communities.

A taste of everything New York City has to offer

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