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Understanding the world is about more than burying your nose in a book or committing names and dates to memory. Our Social Studies & American History tours are about standing in the rooms where history happened and walking the streets where today’s culture is created. Introduce students to the most important elements of our society and give them a new appreciation for everything from lawmaking to finance and everything in between.

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Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

While in Boston, students feel as though they’re traveling through time to protest the British tea tax themselves. The thoughtful design of the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum contextualizes an iconic moment in U.S. history, giving students a visceral understanding of what it was like to dump tea into the Boston Harbor in 1773. Take in the history alongside a realistic replica of an 18th century sailing vessel, and see how the city has grown around this famous site.

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“My daughter had an absolutely amazing experience. She came away from the trip with growth educationally, socially, and emotionally. I highly recommend this trip. She also adored her Tour Director and his knowledge and passion for Washington, D.C.”

—Parent, Connecticut