Have questions about traveling with your students? Awesome! We asked experienced Group Leaders to share some things that they found helpful throughout their years of traveling.

Recruiting for your tour

Every teacher has their own method of promoting their tour. But which way is best for you and your school? Our Group Leaders share some of their thoughts and tips to help you find your perfect tour promotion plan.

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Traveling with a Tour Director

On every EF Explore America tour, you’ll have a 24/7 Tour Director with you and your students. But what does that mean? Learn about their responsibilities, educational and logistical expertise, and how they make your time on tour engaging and inspiring, from Group Leaders and Tour Directors themselves.

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Tips for your tour

How do I choose my chaperones? What type of suitcase do I use? Why go on a Training Tour? There are always going to be questions that come up as you plan your tour. Hear from some of our experienced Group Leaders as they share their tips for traveling with their students.

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