Educational travel isn’t just for art and history teachers.

If anything, the experiential learning that happens on our tours directly reflects the theories practiced in your classroom. Science, technology, engineering, and math impact the way billions of people live—so don’t you want to show students the world they’ll be creating solutions for?

Project-based learning powered by students

All our tours come with weShare, a personalized learning experience that helps students make connections to what you’re teaching out in the world. It also gives them the option to create a reflective project for academic credit. See the STEM topics students have investigated while traveling with us.

“Emerging research is demonstrating very clearly that out-of-school STEM programs contribute to both academic and social measures of student success.”

STEM Education Coalition
The Case for Investing in Out-of-School Learning as a Core Strategy in Improving STEM Education, 2016

Professional development for you

Another way EF can impact your STEM classroom? By fostering your personal and professional growth. You can earn up to 45 professional learning hours or points when you lead a tour with us, or as many as six graduate-level university credits.

Discover the personal impact of travel

We could talk all day about the benefits of educational travel, but we’ll give the floor to a few students instead. Their stories help illustrate how travel changes everything.

“In today’s world, students need to be more globally minded. Removing the four walls of a traditional classroom and offering a traveling classroom has a much bigger impact on my students’ learning.”

Kamilla M., Teacher
Honolulu, HI

Find the perfect STEM experience

Now that you know the why, we can help you figure out the what, where, and when.