Spending money on tour

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We recommend planning on approximately $30-50 per day for spending money. This should cover lunches (if they’re not already included in your tour), beverages, souvenirs, and free-time activities. 

We also work with Till to give students access to debit cards they can use anywhere that accepts Visa throughout their tour. Tour Directors can send money for included meals, and parents can also send money directly to the debit card through an app. Visit our Help Center article on Till debit cards for more information and to sign up.

If you are using other cards on tour, be sure to alert your bank and your credit card company to let them know that you will be traveling out of state and make sure your cards will work. If you are traveling to Canada, we recommend that you bring some Canadian dollars with you, then withdraw additional money on tour as needed. We strongly advise against traveler's checks since they can be difficult to cash.