EF's Rules of the Road

When travelers enroll on tour, they agree to EF’s Rules of the Road. If travelers do not conform to these regulations or any specific rules set by their Group Leader, they risk dismissal from the tour, returning home at their own expense with no refund for the missed tour portion. Decisions regarding tour dismissal are up to EF and/or the Group Leader.

All scheduled activities are obligatory
If any traveler is sick or has a physical ailment, he or she must tell the Group Leader, who should notify the Tour Director.

Your Group Leader must be informed about visiting friends or relatives
If a traveler is interested in visiting a friend or family member while on tour, the Group Leader must be told before the tour begins. Upon request, EF Explore America will provide a Tour Release Form, giving permission for the visit. The traveler must then give the form to the group’s Tour Director upon arrival. Travelers will not be refunded for any missed activities included on the tour.

Visitors or group members of the opposite sex are not permitted in a traveler's room
The Group Leader and Tour Director may establish a curfew. Travelers are expected to respect the nightly curfew for their own safety and security. Room checks will be conducted at the Group Leader’s discretion, and a professional overnight security guard will monitor the corridors.

All illegal activities are forbidden, such as shoplifting and possession of illegal drugs
Any illegal activity is punishable by immediate dismissal from the tour. If a traveler is involved in any illegal activities, all costs to return home are at his or her expense. If the local authorities are involved, the traveler will be subject to the laws of the city/state he or she is visiting.

Any personal expenses or damages will be the traveler’s responsibility
For incidentals or phone calls at a hotel, the traveler will be required to settle the bill before departure from that hotel. Compensation for damage done to hotel rooms or to buses is the traveler’s responsibility. If the traveler notices any damage upon arrival at a hotel, he or she should notify the Tour Director immediately.