Making a payment

One-time payments can be made in the following three ways:

ATM/debit card or credit card

We accept Visa and MasterCard for all tour expenses. ATM, debit and credit card payments should be made online or by phone at 888-333-9756..

Personal check

If travelers are paying by check, they must include the tour number and individual account number in the memo with the check made payable to EF Explore America. They will also need to include the remittance slip (located at the bottom of their invoice) and mail to:

EF Explore America
P.O. Box 4115
Woburn, MA 01888

If a traveler does not have a remittance slip, they need to send checks to:

EF Explore America
Attn: Account Services
Two Educational Circle
Cambridge, MA 02141

Group checks

Group Leaders who are coordinating payments for a group of travelers using one check must submit a Group Check Form. Group Leaders can find this form by logging in, choosing their tour, and navigating to the “Payments” list on their Group tab. The form is linked from the top of the page. Once they’ve completed the form electronically, they should print it, attach it to their check, and mail it to the address provided. This ensures that all payments will be posted correctly to the relevant accounts.