Ready, set, innovate!

Calling all future makers: EF STEM Week gives students the opportunity to design real-world solutions to the issues they care about. They’ll get an inside look at STEM careers during visits to some of the country’s most innovative campuses and companies while honing their own STEM skills through project-based learning. (Think startup incubator meets summer camp.)

The foundations of STEM Week

Who are we partnering with?

We’re teaming up with Microsoft, our innovation partner, to empower your students to create the future they want to see. You and your students’ home base for STEM Week will be Microsoft’s dynamic space in Cambridge, where they’ll help facilitate hands-on activities that bring students’ learnings to life.

What’s on the agenda?

From an all-day hackathon to VIP visits at leading companies, EF STEM Week gives your students the chance to build the future they want to see.

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Why Boston?

This historic hub happens to be at the forefront of STEM innovation. Think gene editing, self-driving cars, and robot dogs—just to name a few. When your students are in Boston, they’re at the center of it all.

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Future makers unite

Your students will create real-world solutions with STEM experts during our event in Boston.