• Wonderful trip

    My son had a wonderful time. A lot of sight seeing
    in a short period of time.
    Nebraska2017 / Parent
    Chadron, NE / Posted on May 31, 2017
  • Caution

    The EF Tour guide/director did not have the historical knowledge required for this type of trip. Experienced the worst customer service in the hotels in Williamsburg and Virgina(Hilton). The Williamsburg tour guide was not knowledgeable on the history and wasted our time talking about nothing. We did not even tour the Capitol building at Williamsburg. In the 3 hours we had on the tour in Williamsburg, we spend 20 mins on an Indian presentation, 30 mins on the Court tour (very informative) and 15 mins at the Goal.
    Traveler4 / Adult traveler
    El Dorado Hills, Ca / Posted on May 31, 2017
  • Good overview

    We got a good sampling of a lot of things, but often felt rushed. Your trip depends on your mindset going in. If you understand that you won't get to stay some places more than 1.5 hours, than you'll be fine. Our tour guide was really nice, but I wish she had told us more as we traveled on the bus about places that we were going to see. She gave us 5 minutes of information or less about each stop. Overall, it was a great experience for the teenagers to get a glimpse and think about what they'd like to come back to in the future.
    Renee12345 / Adult traveler
    Lincoln, CA / Posted on May 24, 2017
  • Incredible Tour!

    Our group enjoyed an outstanding tour and will cherish the memories of our visit for a lifetime!
    razorbsharpe / Adult traveler
    Woodland Hills, CA / Posted on April 25, 2016
  • Tired but great fun!

    Great time, we'll organized but way too rushed!
    lulusmom / Adult traveler
    Ventura County, CA / Posted on April 07, 2016
  • Trip of a lifetime

    It was so nice to have everything pre-planned for us. We just had to show up. Adrian our guide was magnificent and extremely knowledgeable and personable. He worked well with the students too. He added extra touches and information that were very touching, unique and special. Our bus driver Rick was also exceptional. The kids all wanted to take him home with them. My favorite sites were Arlington and the changing of the Guard, which included a woman officer and the Vietnam War Memorial which we toured at night. Thank you, my grandson and I will remember this trip forever.
    GrandmaF / Adult traveler
    Santa Paula, CA / Posted on April 06, 2016
  • Fun but Rushed

    For my opinion i thought the trip was a lot of fun. The reason why i only gave it four stars is because i felt way too rushed. I wanted to have time to experience and enjoy where i was at but i couldn't have done that when we were being rushed. I recommend you add the option to add one more day to the trip so people can enjoy it more.
    Rosie / Student traveler
    Colorado / Posted on June 01, 2014
  • DC in Springtime

    Ours was a fine trip. Traveling with students and staff from other schools took some adjustment. The best parts of the trip were when we broke away from the large group and did things on our own. Fortunately, there were sufficient opportunities for this. The food was good for kids, not so good for adult tastes. The hotel was way out of town requiring too much time on the road in regular DC traffic jams. This really ate into our tour experience. All the EF people were nice to work with. Providing a knowledgeable tour guide might have made things better for our trip. On the upside, there were a handful of high-school history teachers on our trip who could add depth to what the kids were seeing.
    A1A1A1 / Group leader
    Northern, Colorado / Posted on March 25, 2014
  • Great Time For All!!!

    The overall experience was great the students had a lot of fun. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and let us work the tour at our own pace. She allowed us to make little changes to the itinerary if we wanted to stay longer at a museum and helped us plan for future days. We decided to do Busch Gardens the day before we left to let the students unwind. I would advise getting a private bus if it is possible so you can make those small changes.
    One thing that we did have a problem with was lunch. I enrolled us for the lunch voucher program to make it easier for lunch but we only received $10 a person per day and for most people that was not enough for lunch. In some areas a slice of pizza was $8 alone. For our next trip we will have them increase it to $15 a day. Beside the lunch experience we had a great time and the staff was always willing to help with any questions.
    CoachZ / Group leader
    Hammond, Louisiana / Posted on January 14, 2014
  • DC/Williamsburg/Gettysburg

    This trip is a good value, you cannot find another tour that gives you as much for the same cost. Students are busy from morning until the evening touring. I wasn't that impressed with my guide, but EF assures me things will go better the next time and they have taken steps to do so. They have a good management system that always makes you feel supported. They also did their best to get us to places we wanted to go, such as the Holocaust Museum, which was not part of the package on the trip. Food was adequate, lodging was nice, and security was provided. It would help if you are a group leader to do research on the places you were going to before you get there, to make sure kids get the best out of each experience. For example, if you are going to the Newseum, tell kids to try to get into a show at the 4D theatre, otherwise they will likely miss it as the newseum is so big. Also, at Gettysburg, the museum there is very interesting and takes about an hour to see, so plan accordingly. The Williamsburg/Jamestown experience is very laid back, and might be best for middle school aged kids. My high school group got a lot out of Gettysburg, and DC, however. Overall the trip was safe, busy, and kids got to see everything they should see. EF has a good program with quality management, and comparable prices.
    smalltownschool / Group leader
    Shelton, Ne / Posted on October 28, 2013