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  1. Fabulous Experience

    My child had the best trip and learn so much from every place that was visited. When I would ask what the favorite part of the day was my child would tell me all of it. There was so much history to see and learn about. My child said the tour guide and bus driver were amazing, funny and made the experience even better. My child can not wait to have this experience again. She loves to travel and can not wait to see the world through EF Explore.
    Huskergirl / Student traveler
    Chadron, Nebraska / Posted on May 31, 2019
  2. Fantastic DC trip

    My 8th grade son took this trip with 30 other kids from his class and they all had a fantastic time. We had a little slide show for the family when he returned and his enthusiasm, joy, and knowledge of the sites was reflected in his commentary. I'm from the DC area and he was able to see and learn so much more than I would have ever been able to provide him. He couldn't say enough things about their great guide named Dick, who sounded like he kept it fun AND informative.
    NorcalMom / Parent
    San Mateo, CA / Posted on April 08, 2019
  3. Spring Trip

    This was an excellent trip. The Tour Guide was outstanding and the places that we visited were great! I would do this tour or one like it at anytime. The selections of the places to eat were also excellent. I enjoyed the variety of the food available.
    Leon / Adult traveler
    Los Angeles, CA / Posted on April 21, 2014
  4. Great Opportunity!

    My daughter traveled with her school this summer and had an amazing time. After learning of this opportunity, I couldn't pass it up. The price was completely reasonable, especially since you could break up the payments over the school year. She got to have the full educational experience in our nation's capitol and will bring those memories with her throughout her life and will also be able to better understand what she's learning as she goes through her school career.
    BKing / Parent
    Denham Springs, LA / Posted on August 01, 2013
  5. Good Experience

    What I liked about the trip was going to Arlington cementary when we got a really good view of the Changing of the Guards. I also liked the African American Stories and going to Williamsburg. What I disliked was that we were rushed in some museums so we did not get to see much of them. I also got to know my classmates more since we spent more time together.
    Anonymous123 / Student traveler
    San Mateo, California / Posted on April 08, 2019
  6. On the go go go

    Over all the trip was great, my child had an exciting time. The hotels were clean, the guards were on top of the noise & kept the kids protected. The kids enjoyed going out on their own when it was appropriate. Though there were times they felt rushed & could not spend time seeing things. The main complaint is the first day. The kids were on a red eye flight, most did not sleep more than an hour, they landed about 7:00AM then were on tour until almost 9:00PM, I feel this is an unreasonable demand on any one. Over all, the trip was thoroughly enjoyed and the kids are looking forward to doing another tour.
    TheCaliforniaMom / Parent
    San Mateo CA / Posted on April 08, 2019
  7. Awesome Experience!

    My son was thrilled with the African-American music experience in the evening of his Williamsburg visit. He has many amazing stories to tell about his experience. Every monument and museum was so worth seeing. From a parent's standpoint, I was worried the weather-caused travel delay and missed appointments on their first day would color the whole experience, but instead, it bonded the group together, and they made sure they did everything they could to get their tour back on track and not miss anything they had originally scheduled. Their only concern was not having enough time to explore the Smithsonian, but as each was still able to search for the exhibit they had most looked forward to, no one had complaints. I found the updates by our group leader very helpful, and EF Explore America customer service was also very helpful. I highly recommend the company and this tour, and I hope by the time my daughter is old enough, she will be able to have this experience too.
    InspiredMomof2 / Student traveler
    Oneida, IL / Posted on June 26, 2018
  8. Great Opportunity

    My daughter went on this trip and saw more of the DC area in 5 days than I have in my lifetime. I'm so thankful for the excellent tour guides and the efficiency of the tours. The had a group of 80 7th and 8th graders. I'm sure it was like herding cats. The places they visited and the history they experienced is not to missed. This trip makes the history books come to life and makes it more meaningful and powerful for students. The only negative was that there was no down time. I understand that it's important to keep the students busy to stay out of trouble and make the most our of the trip, but it makes for some overly tired and emotional kids. For some kids down time is important because it allows them to decompress, absorb the info and rest.

    I highly recommend this tour!
    KWKW / Parent
    San Antonio, TX / Posted on June 08, 2017
  9. A GREAT way to start the summer!

    We have just returned from our 6 day trip to DC/Gettysburg/Charlottesville/Williamsburg and had a GREAT trip! The students had an opportunity to soak in all the sights and sounds of DC while also having some fantastic excursions to Gettysburg, Monticello and Busch Gardens! The tour was PACKED full, but we have heard nothing but glowing comments from the parents and students about the trip!
    It is hard to believe how we are able to squeeze so many items into our trip, without the help EF we would have struggled to do half of our itinerary! EF did an amazing job from start to finish, helping us plan every detail of the trip and handling every last minute change that came our way! The students had an unforgettable trip and I knew that we were in great hands the entire time!
    TXTraveler / Group leader
    San Antonio, TX / Posted on June 07, 2017
  10. Awesome trip

    I will always remember the experience and the people around me.
    Grump / Adult traveler
    Chadron NE / Posted on May 31, 2017

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