• awesome trip

    Went to Philly and New York and it was a very cool trip. We got to go to a baseball game one night which we added to our trip last minute and it was one of the highlights. We were able to see so many things in 7 days and it was so easy due to our great tour guide Danielle she was amazing. Best way to see so much in a short time they take care of everything!!!!
    tacy / Student traveler
    Pinedale Wyoming / Posted on June 19, 2014
  • Good Time

    The sights were great to see. The best meal of the trip was in AMISH COUNTRY! Family style, enough to go around, and SOOOO delicious! The weather was good. The hotel was recently renovated and accommodations were really nice!
    TampaTeacher / Adult traveler
    Tampa, FL / Posted on June 15, 2013