A belief from the beginning

Our educational philosophy is simple: the best way to help students gain new perspectives and build skills for the future is through experiential learning. As an accredited institution, we partner with educators across the world to create educational travel programs that blend classroom, digital and experiential learning for students.

A competitive edge for your students

Our educational tours help prepare students for the future by teaching them more about the world, themselves, and their place in the world.

Combining the power of experiential learning with the thrill of travel, our tours help students:

  • Expand their knowledge of the world around them
  • Understand new people, places, and cultures
  • Discover more about themselves
  • Grow more confident and independent

When students grow in these ways, they become more curious, more open-minded, and more excited about the future.

A more engaging learning experience

Our personalized learning experience engages students before, during and after tour, with the option to create a final, reflective project for academic credit.

See our Personalized Learning Guide

EF’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging

Our mission is opening the world through education. We believe that means creating the opportunity to experience the life-changing impact of educational travel for all students regardless of gender identity, race, physical ability, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status. Our goal is to increase access to travel-based learning by broadening our community of schools, educators and students to create a diverse and inclusive experience for all learners.

Learn more about our efforts in a letter from our CEO of EF North America.

All backed by accreditation

We create programs that blend classroom and experiential learning together. This allows us to meet the same rigorous standards of schools like yours and ensure students gain valuable experiences that will transform the way they look at the world. Today, we're accredited by five prestigious organizations, and offer educators and students the opportunity to take their trip further by earning academic credit.

Inspire your students through travel