It started more than 50 years ago

Our story begins with a single teenager who discovered first-hand the power of experiential learning. It opened his eyes and changed his life.

It was 1960 and Swedish student Bertil Hult had spent years struggling with dyslexia. Unsure of his future, he moved to London for work. After only a few short months, he was fluent in English—a feat he never thought possible.

That discovery inspired Bertil to launch EF Education First in 1965—a company built on experiential learning, cultural immersion and authentic connections. This experience is at the core of our educational philosophy.

One global mission

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, Bertil and his family continue to lead EF. Through the years we have helped millions of people and become the world leader in international education by focusing on one global mission: Opening the World Through Education.

A commitment to 21st century learning

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, global education is more important than ever. Together with educators worldwide, we provide experiences that teach critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and global competence.

Most importantly, at EF Explore America we're dedicated to making these experiences accessible to as many students as possible. That's why our all-inclusive tours cover everything—from round-trip transportation to safe, quality hotels—at a more affordable price.

Talk to a tour consultant

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