a belief from the beginning

For 50 years, EF's philosophy has been the same. We believe that to experience is to learn. By taking students beyond the four walls of the classroom, they'll gain the skills needed for the 21st century.

Every EF Explore America tour is designed to:

  • Transform perspectives through experiential learning
  • Foster an appreciation for different cultures
  • Enhance critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration
  • Develop leadership skills to successfully navigate new experiences with confidence
  • Bring classroom lessons to life

backed by accreditation

As an accredited educational institution, we create programs that blend classroom and experiential learning together. This has allowed us to meet the same rigorous standards of schools like yours and ensure students gain valuable experiences that will transform the way they look at the world. Today, we're accredited by six prestigious organizations, and offer educators and students the opportunity to take their trip further by earning academic credit.

Inspire your students through travel