Everyone here at EF can agree that travel is awesome, and the best time to see the world is always. However, our group of travel experts has some seriously strong opinions about everything from seat choices to selfie sticks. We decided to settle these great travel debates once and for all, and the results are in!


“Ginger ale! I like the spiciness of ginger, and the health benefits. It's good for your tummy, especially when traveling.” 

-Rocio L., Designer
Team Ginger

Red-eye vs. Daytime flight

 “Daytime. I always happen to sit next to someone on
a red-eye who can only fall asleep when they
take their shoes off. Ugh.” 
-Hannah B., Copywriter, 

Frightened by feet

Peanuts vs. Pretzels

“Peanuts, because I can eat way more of them. 
-Justin H., Tour Consultant, 

The Real Mr. Peanut

Seat neighbors: Engage vs. Ignore

“I put headphones in, especially if I'm sitting next
to my wife...kidding! 
-Mark M., VP Business Operations, 
Sleeping on the couch tonight

Selfie sticks: Love 'em vs. Hate 'em

“I don't see why people hate them so much.
They can help you take a better picture! 
-Sky E., Designer,
Selfie Sunday Participant

Carry-on vs. Checked bag

“I wear all my biggest clothes on the plane so I can
pack a light carry-on. Bulk up!” 
-Richard S., Digital Marketing Director,

Human Bulkie Roll

Tomato juice vs. Ginger ale

If you agree with the 11% of EF debaters
who chose tomato juice, science has your back.
This savory drink is popular 35,000 feet
in the air because, even though your taste buds
are dulled by altitude, tomato juice remains
flavorful during a flight.


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