Operation Crossword

by Kim Hart


Okay, codebreakers—let's see how you did! Download an answer key or check your work below.

2 11-Down island (MANHATTAN)
4 Large-scale street art (MURAL)
8 Device for two-wheeled mobility (SEGWAY)
9 The world’s greatest road show? (3 words) (TOURDEFRANCE)
12 A likely ______ (STORY)
14 Edison, our cover model, and Einstein (INVENTORS)
16 You’ll find plenty of these at 9-Across (CYCLISTS)
1 Arizona’s state food (CHIMICHANGA)
3 A good place to explore (or BBQ) (BACKYARD)
5 Cruising altitude snack (PRETZELS)
6 The city by the bay (2 words) (SANFRANCISCO)
7 When senses are intertwined in the brain (SYNESTHESIA)
10 A branch of tech and engineering (ROBOTICS)
11 America’s Big Apple (2 words) (NEWYORK)
13 A tool for activism and #selfiesaturdays (HASHTAG)
15 Raw fish served over pressed vinegar rice (NIGIRI)


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