Travel moments:


We believe that travel isn't just about checking cities off a bucket list—it's about riding in an airplane, being away from home, meeting new people, and standing by the ocean. It's also about the little stuff. Like creating inside jokes, learning a new dance move, and trying weird (but delicious) new foods. These are the experiences that make a trip unforgettable.

Bring these moments to life, anywhere EF travels.

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Travel takeaways

Sure, there are actual things you can take back from a trip. Like a magnet of the Golden Gate Bridge, or a keychain declaring your love of New York. But more importantly, travel gives you indescribable, irreplaceable, intangible things to carry with you throughout life. 

These student travelers picked up a few souvenirs of their own.

Tour director spotlight: Carrie

From confidence to curiosity, these life-changing travel moments wouldn't exist without Tour Directors like Carrie. By leading tours with EF, Carrie helps students learn about themselves, the world, and their place in the world. (And has a lot of fun, too!) Her favorite trip to lead? California Panorama

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