EF One on One

Conversations between Group Leaders

Teachers from opposite sides of the educational travel spectrum come together and talk openly about the experiences, impact, and excitement of leading student travel with EF. Listen to the thoughts and opinions of those who’ve seen it all more than once and those just beginning to think about showing students the world.


Watch the conversations below

Travel-based learning

There’s simply no substitute for travel. Teachers see students change right before their eyes on every tour.


Safety questions always come up. Pointing to a rock-solid system and long track record makes them easy to answer.


Teachers already have a lot on their plates. But thanks to a whole team of support, travel details are all taken care of.

Choosing the right travel partner

From sharing educational philosophies to coming back after trying another company, the right partner pays off.

Tools to make travel possible

Travel is for everyone. That’s why you’ll find so many resources for managing cost, making it easy to invest in a child’s future.

Start your own conversation

EF Educational Travel Advisors have a lot of history leading students on tour and are always excited to share their wealth of experience with new Group Leaders like you. Wherever you are in the tour-planning journey, if you’re interested in talking to a teacher from your area, just let us know and we’ll set it up. And don’t worry: If you’re camera shy, our video production team will stay at home.

Ready to plan an EF tour?

We’re here to keep the excitement high and make the details easy. Submit your information and we’ll pair you with an expert Tour Consultant who will personally work with you every step of the way to bring your tour to life.