College essay help

When students travel, they get to know the world better, and themselves. Most importantly, they get a new perspective on their place in the world. Add it all up and an EF tour is the perfect opportunity for students to start thinking about personal essays for their college applications.

That’s why we created The UnCommon App, a series of guided prompts and exercises that helps students think more deeply about their tour—before they leave, during their trip, and after they return home—and to use their experience as inspiration for a college essay that will stand out to any college admissions officer.

Plus, if students want help from a professional College Essay Advisor, EF offers an exclusive discount on the College Essay Program from Write the World, a global organization supporting students to become better writers.

Sound good? It gets better. The UnCommon App works for more than just college essays. Think high school applications, resumes, cover letters, or anything that requires some good old self-awareness.

To learn more, download the UnCommon App (PDF) here.