Earning college credit

Students have the following option for earning college credit through EF:

Southern New Hampshire University's PDHU 480D: Interculturalism and Global Exploration online course

Course details 
Through EF’s partnership with Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), students can earn college credit by signing up for PDHU 480D: Interculturalism and Global Exploration. In this course, students will explore their destination, challenge their own assumptions, and discover connections between people, places, and cultures. The course culminates with a final project that allows students to demonstrate a greater awareness of their global community.

Already enrolled on tour? Visit eftours.com/snhustudent for more information including how to register for the course. Email education.department@ef.com with any questions.

Students taking an EF tour in grades 9-12 are eligible for credit. For optimal course experience, students should enroll at least 2 weeks prior to departure date. For late registrations email education.department@ef.com

Successful course completion will earn students 3.0 undergraduate college credits.

The cost is $215 for all tours departing before September 2020. 

Student and educator credit summary