Our $50,000 annual travel scholarship

We believe every student should have the opportunity to discover the history, culture and beauty of North America firsthand. The Explorer Scholarship is one way we help make that possible. Every year we award $50,000 worth of scholarships to select students from around the country.

Applying for this needs-based scholarship:
  1. Have your child write a brief essay (no more than 250 words) answering the question, "Why do you want to go on this EF Explore America Tour?"
  2. A parent/guardian must complete the Explorer Scholarship application.
  3. Submit the application by the deadline specified below.

Explorer Scholarship application deadline

Explorer Scholarships are awarded monthly based on the following schedule. To receive the scholarship, applicants must be enrolled on an EF Explore America tour. Winners will be notified no later than 140 days before their trip.

Tour departure month Application deadline

January 2018 July 15, 2017
February 2018 August 15, 2017
March 2018 September 15, 2017
April 2018 October 15, 2017
May 2018 November 15, 2017
June 2018 December 15, 2017
July 2018 January 15, 2018
August 2018 February 15, 2018
September 2018 March 15, 2018
October 2018 April 15, 2018
November 2018 May 15, 2018
December 2018 June 15, 2018


For groups traveling in 2019, please go on and submit your application. It will be considered. Future due dates will be updated in June of 2018.