EF College Visit Tours

Make the first step of searching for colleges an experiential orientation

At EF College Visit Tours, we partner with high school college counselors to give students an immersive orientation to the college search that allows them and their families to navigate the selection and application process with confidence. Students do more than just visit college campuses— they participate in workshops, discover criteria that guides their college list, engage in daily debriefs, and practice writing for their essays. Students return home more knowledgeable and in control of their college search.

Where can you go on an EF College Visit Tour?

"At [our school], we require all of our juniors to participate in our college trip program. By the end of our six-day trip, they have a sense of what they are looking for in a college and it helps us, as college counselors, build a college list that is specific to each student’s interests and goals."


"When our daughter came back from this tour, she was able to articulate what she liked, [which] focused our attention on the type of school to look at. This was the best entry into the college search process."


Get started planning your college orientation program with EF

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