• Great Time Learning

    We had a great time on the DC and Williamsburg tour. Our tour director was great. We were able to see so many amazing thing. We started at the Smithsonian and got to choose which museum to go into on our own. We saw the monuments. The tour director was able to do a few extra things and give us free time. We went to the Pentagon and saw the 9/11 memorial. The bus driver was also great and accommodated us on free time. The food was the only down, while it was good, it was fast food every night. We ended up trying to have a meal for lunch everyday. All in all a great tour!
    mtbmom / Adult traveler
    Houston, TX / Posted on May 23, 2017
  • washington

    Great! My daughter keeps talking about months later. Great experience!!
    mom2019 / Student traveler
    tampa / Posted on July 12, 2019
  • Horrible Experience

    The overall experience on my trip with my daughter who uses a wheel chair was very disappointing. Starting at the airport we had problems with the accommodations. whomever booked the flight for our group did not ask for proper accommodations for a disabled passenger, Last year when I went on this trip I did not have to request anything from the airlines. Someone was at every gate to assist us. This year I had to request assistance the whole way. When travelling with my daughter I set up everything ahead of time to avoid delays, because of my previous experience with EF I thought that was not necessary to do since they already knew what she needed. During the entire trip my daughter felt as though she was a burden to the tour guide. The inconsideration and insensitivity of the guide was appalling. She would step off a sidewalk with the group and stand across the street looking at us as though we were keeping the group back. You would think that after the first day that some realization would set in that stepping off the sidewalk to jaywalk and speed up the time we got to our next location does not to apply to a person in a wheelchair, since we still have to find a wheelchair safe location to cross. Which at times would be at the end of the block. On top of this she was not knowledgeable about the areas that she was taking us. Most of the time giving us one liners about why a museum or monument was important and exist. Another time we all got on the bus and asked where we were heading next and the guide had to ask the bus driver for the information. If I could give this trip no stars I would.
    Tami / Adult traveler
    Lancaster, California / Posted on July 03, 2019
  • Walkalot tour

    It was like a sampler plate at a speed dating event.....except disorganized.
    TiredofWalking / Adult traveler
    New Orleans / Posted on July 01, 2019
  • Wonderful trip!

    We had a wonderful experience on our recent trip to DC and Willsburg area! The guides were top notch, so friendly, knowledgeable and understanding! The meals were good and the accommodations great except for one night two days before our tour ended! We were supposed to stay there two nights but once we gathered and spoke about the conditions at the hotel we decided to seek other lodging! EF, our guides and our teacher chaperone made it happen and got us rooms at a really great hotel! The biggest disappointment with this trip was the transportation. We had two tour buses for our large group, in the 5 days we had 5 different buses and drivers between us. Our guides took care of us though, wanting us to have the best experience possible. They had never worked with this bus company before and may not again! We loved our time on the tour and even though there were a few glitches, this was a very positive experience for my daughter and I.
    TTRr / Adult traveler
    Anchorage, AK / Posted on June 11, 2019
  • A let down

    This trip was booked almost two years in advance and was built up that it would provide educational experiences and visits that could not be done on your own. It was a total letdown. We didn't visit the White House but we did visit the welcome center for a photo opportunity. That sums up most of the trip - dropping off at monuments, welcome centers and museums for photos and perusing on our own.

    Our guide seemed inexperienced and lacked training. I found more information on the sights by googling than by the guide who was supposed to provide the education part of the trip. I could have planned a better educational experience on my own and saved money.
    smartgirltraveler / Adult traveler
    Dallas, Texas / Posted on June 10, 2019
  • Son Loved it

    His comment the first day was, "I am have the best time ever." Traveling with buddies is way different than with Mom and Dad. Loved having our 11 year old experience not only rich American history through an incredibly well organized outfit, but for him to have an adventure on his own. While more expensive than if you did this trip on your own, the volume of activities they participated in and the adventure the kids had was more than worth it!
    Huddy / Parent
    Littleton, Colorado / Posted on June 10, 2019
  • Mrs.

    The food was not great (dinner) dinner was not provider the last day. The tour guy was no really good. The bus driver was excellent. last day no a good option (half day)
    gymnastic1 / Student traveler
    sherman, tx / Posted on June 09, 2019
  • Not the best trip

    I felt the tour was unorganized and our tour guide unprepared and not knowledgeable about the sites we were seeing. Williamsburg and Jamestown were the best parts of the trip since we were given a local tour guide to provide the history and walk us around. In DC, I was always trying to listen into to other guides as we toured so I could get the experience I was hoping to get. Our guide was a nice person, but he was monotone, very often hard to hear, and would provide history to our group before the whole group was even assembled, so if you couldn't be in the front you had no information. Many times he provided wrong information. He was not engaging for someone guiding children through DC. Trip could have been much more organized with less time spent at "welcome centers" and gift shops. What trip to DC doesn't include a trip to the White House?! That would be my trip. This was planned almost 2 years ago, so to not have been able to schedule a tour of the White House is unforgivable. I gave two stars, because the history and monuments of DC are breathtaking regardless of the circumstances. But I could have organized a much better trip on my own.
    Dallas678 / Adult traveler
    Dallas, TX / Posted on June 08, 2019
  • Exploration for all to experience.

    Tour guide, Brandon, was very knowledgeable and had the students ready to tour each location on our tour. Very patient to accommodate all and able to address any concern with ease.
    Mimos / Adult traveler
    New Orleans LA / Posted on June 05, 2019