• First Tour

    This was my first experience traveling with students in a structured tour like this. Having a good deal of travel experience myself, including in Puerto Rico, there were aspects of the tour that I was happy with and others that I thought could be improved upon. I appreciated the variety of activities on the tour as well as the instructional component. All speakers/presenters were informative, flexible, patient, understanding and open to questions. Our tour guide was exceptional and took advantage of opportunities to create additional experiences for students where they could interact with locals. The primary hotel throughout the tour was fantastic and all of our drivers were great as well. Some of the challenges and frustrations that I had with the tour was the scheduling. The second day into the tour we spent approximately 5 hours at a local beach with very few amenities while when touring Old San Juan we had just 30 minutes at El Morro. There were also multiple instances where the time spent on the bus commuting to an attraction did not justify the amount of time spent at the destination. There were opportunities throughout the tour when attractions could have been arranged differently that would have reduced the amount of time spent on the bus and afforded more time at other locations. I also found frustration with several of the dinner venues, number and quality of options and service received. My students also expressed some frustration with these areas (time spent on bus as well as quality and number of options related to meals) and had hoped for opportunities to enjoy more local cuisine. Overall the trip went well, was expertly led and my students had a generally positive experience.
    MrCP / Group leader
    North Syracuse, New York / Posted on April 24, 2019
  • Could have been better

    Puerto Rico is an amazing and beautiful place. The sights and experiences of the tour were incredible, but there were some issues. Our group was paired with another group with very different values and expectations. This caused some friction on the tour, and as it was easier to accommodate the needs of the other group, there were a number of times where our group's needs were unmet. Special dietary needs of a group member were consistently unmet during provided meals, and meals for all participants were regularly hurried and/or missed entirely. We experienced a travel delay on the way home (not anyone's fault), but then were told that it would take an additional 3 days to get us home from Puerto Rico. Ultimately, the chaperones in the group were forced to make travel arrangements for our group, as EF said there was nothing they could do. EF did end up paying for the alternate arrangements, after we had done the legwork. There were also missing food vouchers or nonworking food vouchers given during our significant travel delays, which made the travel experience far worse.
    Robert101 / Adult traveler
    Vermontville, Michigan / Posted on April 08, 2019
  • Incredible experience

    Had an amazing, amazing time. Very organized and always felt safe
    Happygirl / Student traveler
    Weston, wi / Posted on July 23, 2018
  • Amazing adventure

    This was my first time in Puerto Rico and had a wonderful time. Our tour leader Astacio and driver Jose were excellent and did a great job of leading us to fun and interesting areas. It was also nice to see how hard the Puerto Ricans have recovered from Hurricane Maria. No problems with water or power anywhere. If planning this trip be sure to include the bioluminescent bay in Paraguera. It was the most incredible experience of our lives. Only complaint I had on the whole trip was during our stay at Mayaguez. The local college has a street party on Thursday nights and there was loud music, squeeling tires, and breaking bottles until about 4am. Other than that I would not hesitate to go again.
    Lakesurfer5 / Adult traveler
    Pinedale, Wy / Posted on July 20, 2018
  • Awesome Variety

    We had a tremendous time in Puerto Rico. Island of natural wonders is a very accurate statement. It is difficult to pick one thing as a favorite, because each experience was so different and amazing. From San Juan, the fort, the bio luminous bay, to the lighthouse, to the food, coffee plantation, the Hacienda, snorkeling, and the general scenery, it was great.
    Suds / Adult traveler
    Crystal, Minnesota / Posted on July 18, 2018
  • Truly Natural Wonders!

    Amazing Adventure! Tour Guide was wonderful and everything was very well planned and thought out. We were guided as a student of the island, not a tourist and that made for an ideal view of this beautiful island for the students and parents alike. I would recommend this tour and travel with EF to everyone. It was incredible!
    SoccerMomJJ / Adult traveler
    Minneapolis, MN / Posted on July 17, 2018
  • Excellent tour

    Excellent tour. Tour director and bus driver were outstanding. Sites we visited were great.
    Jason / Adult traveler
    Salt Lake City ,Utah / Posted on July 05, 2018
  • Busy but fun

    The itenirary was very full. There was a lot to see and do. Hotels could've been better. Our guide took us into the heart of Puerto Rico, which was very educational. He was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Overall, I’m glad that I went and would welcome the opportunity to visit again.
    Gnome / Student traveler
    Roanoke Rapids / Posted on June 25, 2018
  • Awesome trip

    This trip was awesome!! I enjoyed everything from the food to the experiences we had. The 8 days in Puerto Rico were so fabulous. Memories that will last a life time. The night swimming in the bio bay was my favorite. I plan to come again with another group!
    HappyCounselor / Adult traveler
    Roanoke Rapids NC / Posted on June 25, 2018
  • Fun experience

    Great Experience!
    Wyoming307 / Student traveler
    Posted on June 19, 2018