• Disappointing experience

    Overall, I was disappointed in the trip. The expectations were not met. We repeatedly heard about the NYC traffic causing us to be late or miss certain itinerary items. For an international travel company that offers numerous NYC tours, the traffic situation should be factored into the planning. We did not get to "experience" New York culture because we were too busy "running" through the streets. We did not even have time to take pictures because we were being hurried along so much by our tour director.
    NanaP / Group leader
    Texas / Posted on June 10, 2019
  • Had a Blast!

    Extremely busy non-stop and saw everything and more than imagined. I wasn't sure I would like New York. Turns out I loved it. Tour guide was the best!
    DerbyMom32 / Adult traveler
    Derby, KS / Posted on June 10, 2019
  • disappointed

    I was not aware that the tour involved the tour guide taking you to a place and letting your students explore on their own without any guidance or information about the site. While walking through crowded NYC, the tour guide didn't stop to make sure everyone was keeping up with her and often left students stranded on the other side of the street due to being caught at a traffic light. The itinerary was not followed and we missed several things we wanted to visit.
    Tick / Group leader
    Summertown, TN / Posted on June 10, 2019
  • Great trip!

    I had an amazing time with EF! Our tour guide knew what he was talking about and took us places that we wanted to see
    AReneeLeleux / Student traveler
    Orange Texaa / Posted on June 10, 2019
  • Mixed emotions

    Our tour guide was very accommodating. However, we had several hiccups. Our bus windows were broken out and the bus had broken glass hanging from the windows as well as on the seats. Our group and another had to ride on the bus for over an hour to get to the hotel! Our tour guide left us standing on the sidewalk outside of a check cashing store while he waited for over an hour. I took my group and another to the Brooklyn Bridge (another hour) before he joined us. I was told several times stop here, stop here....and he would catch up. He seemed unorganized especially when it came to money and tickets. I was given a theatre ticket three rows up and in another section from the rest of my group. I was the only leader that was not with their group. Our tour guide sat with my group and "his friend". Now, he was very accommodating, he took us to places I have never been and may not have seen otherwise.
    SSTeach / Group leader
    Texas / Posted on June 08, 2019
  • Great Experience

    A very educational trip to NYC & New Jersey area ! I learned a lot, saw a lot and truly enjoyed it !
    Einahpets / Adult traveler
    Atchison, KS / Posted on June 07, 2019
  • Unorganized

    I enjoyed the stuff we got to do in New York but our tour guide was very unorganized. I wish the trip was more detailed on time too. I have been on other school trips that were very organized.
    Daena / Adult traveler
    Highland, Kansas / Posted on June 07, 2019
  • Great

    Janet made our trip fantastic. Only problem was how far away the hotel was.
    Jetset / Student traveler
    Colmesneil, Texas / Posted on May 26, 2019
  • Awesome Exploration

    We had an amazing time with EF Tours! Although I have gone to New York City before, I got an opportunity to see parts of the city I had never seen. It was a discovery and an exploration!
    Special1 / Adult traveler
    Little Rock, Arkansas / Posted on May 26, 2019
  • Great time in NYC

    I had a great experience on my trip. Our guide and bus driver were professional and I felt like they tried their best to make sure we had an amazing trip. I do wish we could have had better flight times. We left super early and that kind of made everyone more tired right from the beginning. I realize that we have to take whichever flights are available, but I think everyone would have rather had a later flight time and maybe left one event off of the tour. Overall, I had a wonderful experience.
    Brandi / Adult traveler
    Red Bay, AL / Posted on May 08, 2019