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  1. Once in a lifetime experience

    This trip was wonderful! Getting to see add experience so much of LA was eye opening. The studio tours were so fun, seeing how the magic happens. The tour guy was very knowledgeable.
    SmallTown101 / Adult traveler
    Taylor, AR / Posted on July 19, 2017
  2. Fun and exciting

    My daughter and I had a great time in L. A. and would definitely use EF again. Our guide was very informative and easy going. She was very fun and made the trip exciting for us. Thank you for a great experience for my daughter and I to share
    Corpus / Adult traveler
    Corpus Christi, Texas / Posted on June 20, 2017
  3. WOW!

    Truly a great experience! All that was promised was done, and done beautifully. From the second you land on day 1 its go time! Distance between locations was perfect. Each activity was amazing! You go to the heart of what LA is and is about. You experience all that the amazing city has to offer. Showing students what life after high school can be with determination.
    worldexplorer124 / Student traveler
    Green River, Wyoming / Posted on July 05, 2016
  4. Incredible Trip!

    What a fun and exciting trip! Our kids had the best time exploring Los Angeles. Our tour guide was absolutely phenomenal. His attention to detail and scheduling abilities were greatly appreciated. The kids loved him! The only portion of the tour I absolutely would not recommend is the Disney YES workshop. While our YES teacher did a fantastic job, three hours learning about animation at Disneyland when the kids (and adults) really just wanted to be out riding rides was way too much. I would recommend opting out of that particular activity, but everything else was wonderful!
    Megsy1983 / Adult traveler
    Monument, CO / Posted on March 25, 2019
  5. not about photography

    Do not let the title of this trip fool you. This trip has nothing to do with photography. It is an overpriced tourist trip to LA. My daughter's photography class was offered the opportunity to go on this trip. Because she loves photography, we thought this would be a great experience for her to pursue that interest. The only photography experience the group had was one which my child's teacher initiated during an unscheduled time. The EF tour itinerary was very disappointing. The group stayed in a hotel near LAX which if you are familiar with LA is about the least convenient location imaginable. The group was scheduled to have a "theater" event. That event turned out to be an amateur improv group of three. They were scheduled to go to Venice Beach. Instead they went shopping. Despite LA's thriving art scene, world class Getty museum and home to every major film studio, these kids went to Universal Studios, Grauman's Chinese Theater and Melrose. Deeply disappointing particularly considering the cost of this trip. I DO NOT recommend this trip.
    lalee / Student traveler
    Houston, Texas / Posted on March 06, 2019
  6. L.A Adventure

    Overall it was an amazing trip. When we went to Venice Beach we didn't have a whole lot of time and there wasn't a whole lot to see since we were there so early. I wish we could've gone up close and personal to the Hollywood sign, but it was still cool. Wasn't sure why we visited the crematory though. We had done so much in those four days that we were there that it never really sunk in for me that I was in California.
    Abby101 / Student traveler
    Erie, Michigan / Posted on July 22, 2018
  7. Star Treatment

    Our tour guide really knew a lot about the area, was great at pointing out landmarks and made the trip lots of fun. He was flexible with our needs and adjusted well to traffic and other unplanned issues. We had the GREATEST BUS DRIVER EVER who managed to safely get us to our destinations and pick us up on time, handle the crazy LA traffic and provide interesting knowledge about the area.
    MamaBear2018 / Adult traveler
    Houston, TX / Posted on June 29, 2018
  8. Weird and Wonderful

    My son thought LA was weird and wonderful. A very different place then Houston Tx. He loved it! Though very tiring, his group got to see a lot in 4 days! He loved Universal Studios! He bought a Harry Potter Cloak! Lol
    Great experience for him!
    Rosalyn / Student traveler
    Houston Texas / Posted on June 26, 2018
  9. Awesome Experience for Students

    Students from our school that are interested in pursuing a career in Audio Video Production were encouraged to take this tour, and I think it met all of their expectations. They met people in the industry that were able to give them real world, hands on experiences and memories that will last long beyond their first job or two!
    MzAVProduction / Adult traveler
    Odessa, Tx / Posted on June 25, 2018
  10. Can't Wait to Go Again!

    It was our lucky year to add Los Angeles to the mix of New York City, Washington, DC, Boston, and Puerto Rico! The tour was built in such a way that we started with a bang and yet every day was more grand than the day before! The pace, the weather, the excursions, the learning, and the fun makes us all want to go again - and soon!
    MamaLynne / Group leader
    Austin, Texas / Posted on June 20, 2018

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