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  1. Absolutely Fabulous!!

    The Eastern Seaboard tour was the single most amazing travel experience I have ever had with my son! We had been to New York and DC before this trip, but going with EF was an entirely different experience and so well worth it! We saw and did things we never would've done on our own, we pushed ourselves way more than we ever would have on our own. The fact that we were driven everywhere on a bus and NEVER had to worry about driving, parking, fees, etc., made the down time between trips that much more relaxing. This trip was simply amazing and one that my son and I will never, ever forget!
    SylMar / Adult traveler
    Livermore, CA / Posted on April 12, 2018
  2. An unforgettable Experience

    Everything about the trip was absolutely amazing, it was so well planned and everything we did was so fun. The tour guide was so amazing. One night she brought us all to tears and it was such an amazing experience. It was so much fun. I will never forget.
    Gavin / Student traveler
    Corona, California / Posted on April 08, 2018
  3. The Blizzard of Boston 2018

    This experience was the best that I could have ever wished for my students to have. They saw things that they never would have staying in our neck of the country. We conquered 4 cities, 8 states, a blizzard, flight delay and missed connection. But my students loved every minute of it. We came back home and the first words out of their mouths were - when's the next one? The only downside is that sometimes the trip was TOO fast-paced. But still, our kids saw more, made friends from different parts of the US and have become changed for the better. I like to think that they have just become a little bit more cultural.
    Rosko / Group leader
    El Paso, TX / Posted on March 22, 2018
  4. Amazing Experience!

    Not very many people get to see a great part of our historical sights in their lifetime. This trip was an experience that couldn't be beat. I could go to the sights over and over and never grow tired of them. This was something that I am very grateful for experiencing with great people and a great outlook. I absolutely loved this trip, and the memories will last a lifetime. It was truly something I'll never forget.
    itssgraceaf / Student traveler
    Silver Springs, Nevava / Posted on July 22, 2017
  5. Experiencing history & culture on the E. Seaboard

    The 8-day tour was a wonderful experience. Our engaging guide kept us on the move from early morning until after sundown. All the sites and activities promised were delivered during the tour. Some of the highlights I didn't expect and/or hadn't experienced before were: The Boston Tea Party Experience in Boston, the Broadway musical - Come From Away - in New York, the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia, and Mount Vernon on the Washington DC leg of the trip.
    lovetotravel1 / Adult traveler
    Independence, MO / Posted on July 19, 2017
  6. Worth every penny!

    The trip, the other schools, the tour guide, and the bus driver were all exemplary! We saw so many amazing sites and experienced such tremendous things it was a trip of a lifetime! We went to many important sites, experienced so many historical events and learned about the beginning of our nation. Our tour guide was wonderful and knowledgeable about each historical landmark and detail. Our bus driver was kind, efficient, and worked so hard to get us to every place we needed to be on time and with a wonderful smile. The other schools who joined our tour and shared the bus we now consider lifelong friends. Everything from airfare to hotels to meals are planned and arranged for you, what a gift!! I truly cannot say enough about this experience! EVERYONE should go!
    MadH / Student traveler
    Silver Springs, NV / Posted on July 11, 2017
  7. Incredible experience and memories made!

    I don't even know if I can begin to describe how wonderful this trip was! I was so glad to have been able to share this experience with my daughter and learned so much myself that I did not know before. Our tour guide really made the tour exceptional! I cannot say enough about her. She was engaging and really drew the kids in to each stop we made.
    I really liked the schedule - being able to hit all of the stops that we did; however I did not like that we couldn't spend more time at each place. I certainly know this inspired me to go back and see more on my own. I really appreciated having all the details taken care of for me. Not sure how I will ever be able to vacation on my own again. :)
    This was an incredible trip and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Great tour director, incredible itinerary, fabulous time! Thank you!
    KimberL / Adult traveler
    Kirkland, WA / Posted on July 05, 2017
  8. FUN AND Educational

    I am a teacher and a parent of one of the students on the trip, I was fortunate to accompany as a chaperone ,.. It was excellent. They had those kids entertained and informed in so many different ways. The tour guides were excellent, I do not teach History so I welcomed all that they had to offer and teach us and they really knew their stuff! The trip was well organized, not a minute was left to just 'standing around' we saw too much stuff to list. As a parent, the kids safety was taken very seriously and everything went well! there were 130 of us, and I thought that something would go wrong, but nothing did!
    octoshell / Adult traveler
    Austin, TX / Posted on June 27, 2017
  9. Amazing Experience

    My granddaughter had a brilliant and fun time on this trip. Thank you all for your dedication to the ongoing education of our high school students about this big fantastic world we live in. The tour was so well and good food too. THANK YOU!
    greatful / Student traveler
    Burns, OR / Posted on July 19, 2018
  10. Amazing Experience

    Highly recommended
    Loreto / Student traveler
    Nogales, Arizona / Posted on July 13, 2018

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