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Scholarships and Fundraising section...


Many corporations and foundations offer grants and scholarships for student travel or educational opportunities. Generally, teachers are expected to apply, but parents and students can help to research and write grants. Please review specific programs for requirements and guidelines.

Target Field Trip Grant

Founded in 2006, the Target Field Trip program awards up to 5,000 grants of up to $700 to help fund student trips. Grants are available to teachers.

Verizon Foundation

The Verizon Foundation offers teachers grants to promote literacy and fund educational causes.

ING Unsung Heroes

ING has been awarding innovative educators grants for more than 10 years through their Unsung Heroes program. Teachers can apply to help fund inventive class projects. Awards range from $2,000 to $25,000.

Searching for other grants

There are thousands of foundations, companies and other organizations that make grants every year. It can seem quite challenging to start looking for funding sources, but a Group Leader shared these tips to help you stay on track to find funders who might be able to help pay for your tour:

  • Has the grantor demonstrated a commitment to a specific subject? What is it? Are there related subjects?
  • Does the grantor limit funding to specific geographic regions? Which regions?
  • Does the grantor have a typical range in which it awards grants?
  • Does the grantor state a policy/practice which prohibits making grants for any specific type of support? What are the limitations?
  • What types of organizations are typically funded?
  • What type of reporting does the grantor require from grantees?
  • What is the grantor's timeline for awarding funds? Do they have a rolling application process? Are grants awarded yearly? Quarterly?
Helpful websites:
Foundation Center
Foundation Center Database (This is a more detailed database from the Foundation Center. It requires a subscription; your school or district may already have one.)
Teachers Count
Grant Wrangler


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