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  1. History Comes Alive

    Everything about our DC trip was magical! From the time we stepped on the bus to the time we stepped off the bus, everything was incredible. Seeing the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials in person brought all the history my students have learned off the page of a book and into meaningful context in their lives. Being in the great city of Washington DC and to experience history come alive before their eyes inspires me to be a better teacher and make their education more valuable.
    NNteacher / Group leader
    Morocco, IN / Posted on May 19, 2015
  2. DC always delightful

    This was my fourth trip with EF Explore America to Washington DC. As always, I felt taken care of while my students had an incredible experience. I could not be more pleased with our overall experience and the value of this trip for my students. Thanks for showing my students all the amazing sights that our Nation's capital has to offer!
    Peeps / Group leader
    Spokane, WA / Posted on April 23, 2014
  3. This trip was great!

    I am 15 and this was my first time ever going to Washington D.C. I was expecting to have a average trip though it was completely amazing. Me and my travel group traveled from Florida by plane and were instantly picked up at the airport. Even though the trip was only 3 days, me and my travel group visited so many places that we got up in the morning at 8 am and got back to the hotel at 10 pm. This could be good and bad depending on your normal sleep scedule.
    rswizzle / Student traveler
    Bradenton, Florida / Posted on February 12, 2017
  4. Great experience but way too fast

    The tour tried to cover too much in too little time.
    The kids where exhausted and did not have time to truly experience the sites or reflect on their meaning. They literally had to run up the Lincoln memorial for a photo to immediately leave for the next site. I would advice for an extra night or for a less ambitious itinerary.
    GBCP / Parent
    Miami, FL / Posted on December 05, 2016
  5. Good but expensive for the experience

    My son had a great time, but he had gone on a D.C. field trip with his previous public school (5 days) and it was the same price and same type events with a trip to a theme park in Pennsylvania. All his meals were included (this EF one he had to pay for lunches) and the hotels were actually nicer! He did not go to the National Archives,(which are perhaps more expensive) but it felt as if this was not the same value for the $$ spent. Only 2 nights with EF Tour compared to 4 with previous school, and there was a guide too. He did enjoy it and felt the guides were good.
    momofstudent / Parent
    Miami / Posted on December 05, 2016
  6. Nice Trip

    This trip to DC let me learn a lot about the history of US, and the tour guide Rick help me a lot on explaining the history of a memorial, and the hotel is pretty good too. But, this trip make me so tired, and there has so many places I have to go one day, and my brain can't deal with it, but it's still a nice trip
    Boyou / Student traveler
    Princeton NJ / Posted on November 04, 2016
  7. Good tour

    I would recommend this tour for all ages. Guides are fun and engageding.
    Livvy / Student traveler
    Princeton, NJ / Posted on November 01, 2016
  8. Exciting Experience!

    Everyday was a new adventure that promoted an exciting experience.
    Papapeana / Student traveler
    Princeton, NJ / Posted on October 31, 2016
  9. New tHings

    The monuments were great along with our tour guide Craig
    JackieChan / Student traveler
    Thornton,CO / Posted on July 26, 2016
  10. Unforgettable

    Amazing tour guide! Great experience. I learned a lot.
    QueenBee / Adult traveler
    San Benito, Tx / Posted on July 26, 2016

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